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Beautiful Life Ministries INC.


Beautiful Life Ministries Inc.

Beautiful Life Ministries is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. 


Our Mission

 Beautiful Life Ministries Inc. provides women with the practical tools and resources needed to transform their lives from the inside out to holistically thrive in their God-given purpose.



Our Vision

We endeavor to fill the intangible and tangible gaps in the lives of women so they are able to thrive mentally, physically, spiritually, financially and relationally. 


How We Serve 

  • Providing women with the tools and resources needed to overcome traumatic experiences in order to thrive in life and society.

  • Providing trainings through teachings, coaching, books and digital services to assist women with understanding their purpose.

  • Meeting the tangible essential needs of women who are overlooked and underserved living in at risk communities 

  • Hosting conferences for women; to inspire, empower and educate.

  • Providing transitional housing for women and their families 


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