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"Certified Atmosphere Shifter"

It's time to take control of the atmosphere!

Have you ever been a space that felt yucky, thick in mess, and heavy?

Maybe you live in it, maybe you work in it, maybe you walked in it, maybe it’s been working in you.

Today, I want to remind you and as I reminded myself that we are certified atmosphere shifters.

Antagonist on our job, in our family, in customer service, or even those that try work in us don’t stand a chance when we stand up in our God-given authority! (Luke 10:19)

Disclaimer: Demanding the atmosphere doesn’t have to be loud, conflicting or cause a scene in public - that’s ghetto and we’re not going to be that way! Ok! Lol

It is not always about the volume of your voice ( you can be loud and a full out chicken, I've been there yelling just scared; loud and chicken.. lol) but it is more so the volume of our inner knowingness in who we are and whose we are rising up on the inside of us, that produces a response/ a sound full of faith and power; that refuses to be controlled, bullied or overtaken by ANYTHING less than God and puts it in its rightful place!

Our stance moves from immobile passivity to... It's not going down like that playa; you got to go, you got to stop, you have to get in alignment NOW!

What is it for you? - Write it all down, find scripture to pray concerning it and do the practical activities that need to be done in wisdom (ask for wisdom).

Let me tell you something... The Spirit of God on the inside of you is GREATER, SUPERIOR and RULER over everything that comes up against you, no matter what form it comes in! 1 John 4:4

The thoughts in our minds - we must bring them captive, make them submit to the power of the word of God and sovereign rulership of the one true living God within us.

We don’t have to submit to it if we don’t want to.. the choice is ours, the power is in us to make it do what we tell it to do; and this power is not far from us. It is in us.

Some of us have to recalibrate our soul by renewing our minds through the word of God.

( Romans 12:1-2) It's the Word that causes a full out activation of the TRUTH in our lives. (The truth is never inactive we are often despondent and simply need to be reactivated by the truth so we are able STAND!!!)

NO MORE SETTLING .. Today is the day you stand as the Certified Atmosphere Shifter you are!

Meditate on the scriptures listed above, find others, declare them, pray them, stand on them and shift the atmosphere!

Love you!

P.S. .. So I am going to start doing a thing, I believe many of these messages are too powerful for just the blog so lets wear them... I will start creating a t-shirt that correlates with the powerful messages on the blog! Lets goooo! Check out the "Certified Atmosphere Shifter" Tee below.


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