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In urban culture to be "opened" typical carries a negative connotation, but that’s where I am right now. I’m very opened and I can’t deny it.

Here’s why…

My birthday is next week and typically I’ll have an array of plans already laid out. This year I REALLY wanted to be on the beach with my sisters and my friends, relaxing, laughing out loud, going on adventures and eating some good island food.

BUT.. I had to make a decision to sacrifice what I wanted, for what I needed. I needed to be financially responsible which wasn’t hard, yet it was frustrating to know I'd be at home instead on an island with the glistening sun beaming on my skin, waters crashing on the shore and the serene winds blowing through my $20.00 clip on ponytail.

Honestly I’d rather be gone, gone, away. I feel like I NEEEED to gone somewhere lol. I am a full time mom to a teenage boy and full time caregiver for my grandfather amongst other roles and it can be very taxing emotionally, mentally and physically and I could really use some time away to rejuvenate.

After getting over the fact that I wasn’t going to swipe that credit card and go, but do what’s best financially. I surrendered my wants and desires to God.

This is when I became OPENED… Chiiile opened is a good place..

Opened to allow God to do whatever He wants to do in my life this year. Something happened in that moment and I became so satisfied and grateful for just life. It was a genuine satisfaction ( not absent of my desires but it was a real deep satisfaction)

I was settled in my soul about not having what I want.

I was excited about the possibilities, because nothing is impossible for God.

I wasn’t stressed about the details of making my own plans anymore but felt a rest to flow with God.

I’m Opened …

Opened to what God wants to do in my life, grateful for what I do have and content with His plans for me!

You trying to be opened with me?

Now Available

"Opened to plans of God for my life" Tee

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Chantel Grier
Chantel Grier

Wow, the timing of me opening this newsletter and learning to hear God speak. Knowing that when He speaks over you there is a peace at your core. You might not like what He spoke, but your spirit is at peace with it. Thank you for this!


Yessss!!!! When He speaks there is definitely peace! 🙌🏾


Ashley LeeAnn
Ashley LeeAnn

🥺Thank you sis… I so needed this😩😭🙌🏾🩷


You’re so welcome 😘

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